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Giving companies back what they dish out.

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Wells Fargo:  10/27/2016

Gets real old trying to work a refinance loan.  Wells Fargo refused to refi our old home  which was on a bad 10yr balloon loan despite language contained within the contract stating we could refi at any time.  We did a short sale on them to avoid losing our home altogether.  We bought another home while waiting on the short sale to finalize.  We got smart on the system.  Four years later we are able to refinance to get out from under Mortgage Insurance Premiums.  Started with Prime Lending.  Wells Fargo got wind somehow and called me.  They desperately wanted to keep our business.  I'll back up a bit.  We bought the new home using Prime Lending but Wells Fargo bought the loan.  Anyhow, we gave Wells Fargo an opportunity when the person on the line said they would take 100% care of everything.  Since then, I've been hammered with questions, argued with their Mgmt, talk out of a full appraisal as the home is valued WAY more than the refi balance and I had to explain in depth why the shortsale deliquency on our credit report.  I told them to remove it as it was their fault ("oh that's not our department").  If not for having it this far down, I might have changed to quicken loans.


State of Washington: 7/21/2016

Purchased a used trailer from a widow whose husband died.  Couldn't find the title, only registration was from 1990.  The State refuses to issue a Title to me because the State tosses out old records.  Despite having an original registration, death certificate, bill of sale with matching signatures the State say it'll take three years to establish ownership.  Complete utter bullshit.  And this is your State government hard at work for people.


Uhaul:  6/17/2016

When you call Uhaul and make a reservation at their local site, you expect them to honor the reservation.  I called at 7:30 for an emergency need of a autotrailer to fetch my daughter and her car which broke down.  They took my info and credit card data.  I asked a very specific question on location "so you are just north of safeway", the person said yes.  I said I was driving down from Marysville but getting there as fast as I can.   I pulled in they thought I was mental or something.  I asked for the trailer and they said they were closed and didn't have a reservation, didn't take one on the phone and their computers were shut down.  I chastisized them, them got on the phone with Uhaul customer service, they transferred me to someone that wasn't even a manager.  Gave him the riot act.  Ultimately had to make the decision to drive down to Kelso, fetch my daughter and granddaughter, stay in a flea infested hotel and try again in the morning.  I contacted Uhaul that evening after I had calmed down.  The rep said I talked to Uhaul customer service, not the local store.  Even though I call during business hours to the lynnwood store, the corporate Uhaul people picked up the phone.  They didn't explain they were not the store, didn't say anything about alerting the store and the store people kinda had a legit response to my acting nuts on them.  Uhaul created the problem.  They went so far as to say yes to being North of Safeway for heavens sake - if they doesn't give a customer a clue their talking to the locals, what else does?  Got a trailer the next morning, got the car home but had to stay overnight, lost work over it and Uhaul should compensate me for their stupidity.  For lost wages and a hotel, I'm out about $400 and until Uhaul pays me - they'll stay on bubba's rants!

os Communications:  5/30/2016

I’ve been on the phone for an hour and 7 minutes thus far with a man from India that can barely be understood try to figure out why none of my boxes are able to receive several channels suddenly.  The error says This channel is currently unavailable.  Change channel and return to this channel or call 1-877-462-0688 and enter quick code 8801-0740.  Your unit address is 000-00086-431xx-xxx.

The person I’ve been dealing with doesn’t comprehend the problem, has asked me to reboot a single box when it’s the entire house, has asked me to power down my fios system, has left me sitting here idle without a fix for well over an hour.   He hasn’t a clue, I’m wasting my entire day on the phone and paying a fee for the pleasure of doing so.

I’m looking for the reason behind the problem, when is it going to be fixed, compensation for my time which is valuable especially on the holiday which I should be spending with my family and not sitting on the phone.

This really earned placement on my rant blog today.

Camping World: 5/22/2016                                                  Now here's a good scam.  Sign up for a Good Sam membership and for an additional year get a $25 merchandise certificate.  Sounded okay so we did, cost only an additional $5 or so.  Got our certificate.  Went online to use the certificate towards a purchase online.  Went to use the certificate and entered the coupon code.  Comes up as unable to use coupon with the product.  Called up Camping World online sales.  They said you had to purchase the product, then mail in the certificate and they would "credit" your credit card.  Absolutely no where on the certificate does it say anything about having to mail in the certificate to use it.  Now it expires in just a few days so I imagine now it's going to expire before I can actually use it at a Camping World Store.  Nice job Camping World.  I won't be recommending your Good Sam Membership to anyone.

Costco: 5/19/2016
Now usually I have nothing bad to say about Costco however, if you're going to sell plumbing products - be prepared to emergent issues and no redtape.  Purchased a kitchen faucet a month ago which had been working just fine, suddenly it wouldn't put out hot water.  Investigating it was finally determined to be a bad valve.  Shutting off the water, removing the faucet and noting the sink valve is 20 years old and now doesn't quite shut off 100%, it's dripping a lot and I'm doing the best I can to control, meanwhile, I need to get the faucet replaced at Costco.  Go to the Costco return line and when it's my turn - the guy which I've never worked with tells me I have to go and purchase another faucet, then bring it over so they can swap out the parts.  I quoted back stating:  When we built our Gazebo, when parts were found broken, I didn't have to box it up and return or buy another Gazebo to get replacement parts, meanwhile, I've got water dribbling all over my floor because I now have to go through more redtape.  He could have had someone grab another faucet, swap out the body, put my defective one in it's place and me be on my way (2 minutes).  No, he wanted me to do it the long hard way.  For this, Costco made it to my rants.

Mountain Crest Credit Union: 5/10/2016
A bank you have a loan through is set up to take payments out of your savings account to pay your loan.  So why does MCCU suddenly stop doing so and send you a PAST DUE NOTICE?  You read the notice and it shows last payment received 3/22 yet you see your money sitting in your savings account go untouched.  You contact the bank and ask why and they cannot provide a real answer except "when did you have that set up"?  Achem, for several months now????  No appologies, no guarantees of my record being tarnished, no guarantees of late fees being returned - all because MCCU can't get their act together.  Seems like I need to change to another institution.
Congratulations MCCU.

MINECON: 5/6/2016
What kind of Convention for youth and individuals would allow BOTS to buy up tickets in 10 seconds? With only 6000 tickets available, my two boys wanted to go and we were right on at 6pm to purchase and they were gone faster than a football playoff game. This is absolutely wrong. Both boys autistic and rely on this game. I would like those that run this to explain themselves.  Congratulations to MINECON and the makers of Minecraft.  You made it but Bubba's Rants!

Seattle Times:  4/27/16
Online News shouldn't cost you anything to view but the Times views this differently.  Advertisers pay the Times money to put ads in front of as many people as possible.  The Times turns around and tries to charge those very people a fee to view those very ads (well, the news that accompany those ads).  Until the Times figures out that they can't double dip, they land here.

Fred Meyer: Marysville 4/26/16
 Yesterday, Diesel fuel cost $2.07.  Today they jacked it up to $2.27!!  In one fricking day w/o reason they upped it by .20 cents.  When the cost of fuel hasn't gone up more that a couple of cents over the past week or two, Fred Meyer has found a way to piss off customers - especially diesel users.

BECU: 4/24/16
Normally, online access is not a problem.  Today for some stupid reason they asked a security question that I had issues with but answered however it took a couple of attempts to get it right.  Initially it tried to block my attempt to gain access, but then I was able to access our online account.  After logging off, I found a need to go back on and now BECU's online access will not allow access.  Why would a online banking system allow access after messing up on a security question and so-called locking you out - only to allow you access anyhow - only to lock you out yet again once  you leave?  Sounds like BECU needs to fix their security issues with online banking.  Perhaps it's time to change banks.

Verizon Wireless:
Verizon has this promotion that awards points and allows you to get discounts on outside vendors things.  So you obtain thousands of points to get a 10% discount off of something you have no need for.  When asked about making it something tangible Verizon only said the points could not be used towards any Verizon product or service.  What's the point of have an awards plan if it doesn't do you any good?

Dish Network:
What idiots!!

Waste Management NW:
Put trash out at 6:00am, the trashman apparently already came.  Called WMNW, gal on the phone offered a free double pick up the following week.  Like that this going to help me this week.  I also don't just have another can to fill up.  Also can't leave it out for coyotes to rip open.  Asked for a refund.  I was practically laughed off the phone.  Need to start taking my own trash to the dump.

Hewes Craft:
Today I rant all over Hewes Craft for their employee hiring practices.
Either they hire people for 60 days utilizing their manpower to moves things around the warehouse then lay them off after the "trial period" to avoid paying insurance
They hire someone in because they found someone that knows a lot more than they do about efficient warehousing and squeezes out their knowledge then also lays them off after 60 days
In either case:  Hewes Craft is a company that should not be considered worthy of spending money on as they won't spend the money on their workers.

Roy Robinson RV Service Center:
Purchased a used Diesel Pusher.  Warranted "as-is".  I did purchase a 5yr warranty just in case, yep - smart guy.  Had a problem which I believe was there prior to purchase.  Caused DC power loss.  We were ready for our inagural trip.  Call them up, the RV manager came out with jumpers, got it going, took it back to the service department and promptly found the issue (bad solenoid and a blown 250amp fuse).  These would not normally be detected until your batteries ran dry.  Fixed the issues right then and there, zero charge.

Their return policy is better than any other store.  We bought a new 4K Smart TV in January 2015 and by March it was giving us headaches with issues.  The concieres desk wasn't the best but they got the Manufacturer to come out and check the tv.  Afterwards we found the TV was still not functioning.  Costco returned it in June.
In May, we purchased a Gazebo which required major assembly.  Three times we found defective or missing parts.  Each time Costco opened another box to get us the part.  No hassles.